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There are many different ways of perforating artistamps. d.t.b. art web, the US site of artist Beverly Trump Dittberner sets out perforating options. Probably the best option is to use a piece of print finishing equipment called a perforator. The most common type of perforators are comb perforators which come in different shapes and sizes as illustrated below. Comb perforators all work on a similar basis - a comb of pins is thrust down through a locating plate, through the paper and into a base plate drilled to take the pins. It works like a series of file hole punches strung together, but with miniature pins.

Illustration of the basic mechanism of a pin perforator.
Hogenforst open ended perforator made in 10 inch and 14 inch models, sole agents in UK were Hunters Ltd. Lever operates at right angle to the line of perforations. By moving the paper along, long rows of perforations were possible.
Hogenforst letter card perforator sold by Hunters Ltd in the UK as either power or hand operated.
Hogenforst treadle perforator, made in a number of sizes - 19.75 inch, 23.5 inch, 26.25 inch, 29.5 inch, 31.5 inch, 35.5 inch, 39.25 inch. Sole agents in UK were Hunters Ltd.
Hogenforst side lever table top perforator, supplied in 16 inch, 20 inch and 27.5 inch widths. Sole agents in UK were Hunters Ltd.
Fabulous Hogenforst rotary perforator. Width between pillars 29.5 inches. Sole agents in UK were Hunters Ltd.
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The above illustrations from Hunters' advertisement in the British Printer were kindly supplied by British Printing Society Member Derek Fordred.