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Dry Drayton


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    Dry Drayton Post

Postally, in the eyes of Royal Mail Group, Dry Drayton exists only in the form of a a number of pillar boxes for collections and a place on the map where daily deliveries are made.

There once existed an excellent little village Post Office, closed for economic reasons some years ago. Today, resourceful inhabitants have organised Dry Drayton Post, conveying and delivering letters for personal friends and interfacing with the nearest outposts of the national mail carrier.

But Dry Drayton Post does more than convey friends' letters. This Cinderella organisation chronicles the unique events and features of this quiet community in the form of its own series of local and commemorative special stamps issued in the local currency, Dry Drayton Ducats (D3s). Dry Drayton Post also has its own series of postmarks.

These commemorative artistamps and Dry Drayton Post's first day covers were offered for sale in village art exhibitions (all proceeds to the village church) and are highly prized by collectors worldwide. Other village artists roundly endorsed the initiative by declaring "that's not art".